The Golden Oil

June 12, 2010

Argan oil-  The Golden oil

Argan Oil is a rare, precious oil and has become famous for its many benefits. Its beauty secrets, although simple, have been known for centuries by the women of Morocco who have used it traditionally in the daily care of their care of skin and hair. It regenerates the skin, restarts the vital functions of the cells and the growth process, neutralizes free radicals and it is extremely nutritious.

Argan oil is loaded with essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, which is the precursor of vitamin E. This makes it well-known for its anti-aging, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. It has been scientifically proved that argan oil is able to correct the age related deficiencies in skin that cause dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. Argan oil helps in reducing the wrinkles and softening the skin. It has also shown to increase the elasticity and tightening of the skin. Benefits of argan oil for skin also include regeneration of the skin by revitalizing the cell functions that prevent early skin aging due to sun, pollution, stress, smoking, etc.

Recently, I’ve launched two of my skin care products, a tonic mist and an anti-aging serum with argan oil. Both the tonic and the serum have been a huge hit. The serum contains grapeseed oil, cranberry seed oil, argan oil, black currant seed oil and sunflower seed oil. This amazing potion not only hydrates and heals, it aids in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, fights pollution and free radicals, high in antioxidant, regenerates skin at a cellular level and prevents skin aging. This serum is light in texture, doesn’t just sit on the skin.

The end result? A healthy, glowing skin!

If you have any questions about this product, don’t hesitate to email or call me. I’ll be happy to assist you.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Cecilia Wong

Soie Aroma skin care salon


Microcurrent offers an alternative to surgery. They have become one of the most sought-after treatments for sagging skin or a dull complexion, and may be especially effective for getting rid of superficial lines and wrinkles. If you are experiencing signs of premature aging, you can effectively get rid of wrinkles, dark patches and other skin problems with the electrical stimulation technology.

Microcurrent therapy uses pulsating electrical currents that are extremely low-voltage (millionths of an amp) in order to relieve pain and stimulate healing. It works by delivering impulses of mild electrical currents deep into the skin’s surface. This triggers the healing response because the skin cells sense that the tissues have been injured and the body begins to produce more and more cells in order to heal this ‘injury.’ This then boosts collagen production deep within the skin’s surface and encourages the skin cells to heal and repair themselves naturally as they reproduce to heal the injured site.

Clinical studies show that microcurrent facelift procedures trigger the production of amino acids, the body’s natural building blocks which are involved with accelerating cell production and repair.   This means that cells can be restored and the body can start producing healthier skin cells in a very short period of time. Many medical studies since the 1980s have focused on the bioelectrical aspect of body cells and the use of electrical currents to stimulate healing reactions. Microcurrent therapy is considered safe for people of all ages, but it is not recommended for people who use pacemakers and are intolerable of electromagnetic fields.

Microcurrent therapy was first used in the 1980s in the USA to help stroke victims and other people suffering from the partial paralysis of their face, causing it to droop down on one side. Micro-current treatment helped to pull the paralysed muscles back into position. This effect has now been adapted for use in non-surgical, cosmetic enhancement.

Microcurrent facelift procedures and skin treatments are designed for aging skin, but can also be used on younger skin to slow down the aging process. Key benefits of this treatment include:

  • Reduction or elimination of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Even skin tone
  • Tighter, firmer skin
  • Reduction or elimination of age spots
  • Reduction or elimination of superficial scars
  • Drains excess water
  • Hydrates skin
  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • reduces symptoms of sinusitis
  • ‘shakes loose’ toxins from body

Results vary in each individual, typically, up to 15 sessions, plus monthly maintenance treatments, are required, depending on the desired result. The treatment is extremely relaxing, most of my clients actually fall asleep! And when they wake up, their skin is transformed. Along with the microcurrent therapy, collagen eye pads and neck pads are applied to maximize the result. Drink plenty of water afterwards, it will have a purifying effect on your system as the fluid washes the toxins from your body.

Call and make your appointments at 917-596-5206 for a more beautiful you now.

Thyroid Concerns

May 10, 2010

Lately, a lot of my clients have been asking me to help them correct their skin due to their thyroid issues. Thyroid issues can cause hormonal imbalance, therefore, causing a roller coaster ride on the skin. One day it’s oily, the next it can be dry and most importantly, experiencing adult acne.

Most people are not even aware of the thyroid gland which is a butterfly shaped gland around the middle of the throat. It has an extremely important role to play in the functioning of the body. The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones which are necessary at the cellular level for the metabolic processes of the body. They regulate the body energy and how the body uses vitamins and other hormones for the growth of the body. Both the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands are related to the thyroid gland. Most commonly two types of thyroid disorders may be present in some people. One is hypothyroidism when the thyroid hormone is too little and the other is hyperthyroidism where the hormone is more than normal. Hair and skin are particularly vulnerable to thyroid conditions.

Coming from a family history of thyroid problem myself, I fall prey to this as well. That is why when I created the facial treatment Silk Half and Half, I wanted to help others with the same issues. This signature treatment consists of cleansing, extractions, fruit peel(if needed) , lymphatic drainage (extremely vital for the thyroid glands), customized mask follow with the LED light therapy (consists of several colors to target anti-aging, acne as well as hormonal imbalance) and ending with an Oxygen spray spiked with vitamins. This treatment has helped many of my clients’ skin recuperate from acne, oily skin, dry skin and dark spots. Depending on each individual, 10-12 sessions are recommended.

Here are a few things you need to know….

Follow a diet with at least 50 % of the foods being fresh, and organically grown to rebalance and establish a better metabolism. The enzymes from live foods help the body to maintain proper metabolism. Foods that heal include sprouts, salads, raw vegetables, and thermos cooked grains to retain enzymes which heal and feed the glands.

Eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as yellow vegetables, eggs, carrots, and dark green vegetables. Iodine rich foods that nourish the thyroid are: fish and sea vegetables such as: arame, kelp, dulse, hijike, nori, wakame, and kombu. Seaweeds are very nourishing to the glands.

Zinc and copper are important in helping the body make thyroid hormone. Foods rich in zinc include: beef (range free), oatmeal, chicken (range free), seafood, dried beans, bran, tuna, spinach, seeds, and nuts. Foods rich in copper include: organ meats (range free), eggs, yeast, legumes, nuts, and raisins.The amino acid tyrosine is helpful. Tyrosine is found in edamame, beef, chicken, and fish. Soy should be only used in small amounts or on an occasional basis.

Change your skin care regimen to organic products! I can’t stress this enough, products containing vitamin C, black current seed oil, evening primrose oil, or borage oil are extremely helpful for glandular health, thereby, balancing your skin. Products with synthetic ingredients and chemicals can alter your hormones!

If you need help in choosing the right skin care products for your skin or have questions about any of our treatments, please feel free to call or send me an email at 917-596-5206 or I would be happy to assist you.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Cecilia Wong
Soie Aroma skin care salon
Skin care guru and lifestyle changing expert

Skin care guru and lifestyle changing expert, Cecilia Wong  will soon launch her new organic skin care line.  Soie Aroma products will initially feature a tonic mist, sugar polish and a serum.  Some of the  ingredients are grapeseed oil, cranberry seed oil, sunflower seed oil, grapefruit oil and  black currant seed oil. They’re anti-aging, hydrating,  refreshing and best of all, they all smell delish! Using only the best organic oils from around the world!

Price ranges from $22.00-$55.00

Sold exclusively at her skin care salon.

Understanding SPF

April 29, 2010

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) indicates how long you can stay in the sun without skin irritation or getting sunburned by UVB rays. Here’s how to calculate your SPF:

1. Rate yourself
Select your skin type. The corresponding amount of time indicates how long you can stay in the sun before burning.

Fair Skin- 10minutes
Medium skin- 15 minutes
Dark sin – 20 minutes

2. Select the SPF
Note which SPF is stated on the product. Ex: SPF 20 is selected

3. Calculate your protection time
Multiply the amount of time you can stay out before burning with the SPF
Ex: 20minutes X 20 (SPF)

Product recommendation: Lavera Mineral Based sun Protection SPF 15 and SPF 20 sold at Soie Aroma skin care salon. Call 917-596-5206 to book your appointment now! See you soon!

Soie Aroma has partnered with to bring you a fabulous 60 minute facial for a mere $40!  The treatment includes 30 minutes of deep pore cleansing with all organic products finished off with 30 minutes of micro-current therapy to tighten and refine skin. This double-duty facial is normally $150, now you can book through and grab it for nearly one third the price! Hurry, this is a limited time offer–Click here to book!

There are many skin treatments available today and over recent years, photo rejuvenation has become increasingly popular.

Light facials or Photorejuvenation facials can also improve the problem of finer wrinkles, sagging skin, blood vessels and brown pigmentation spots. Photorejuvenation does not leave the patient with sores or scabbing, which means you does not have to take time off from everything to heal. It does require several treatments before the skin tightening and re-shaping can be noticed.

Should you anticipate much improvement?

If you have very deep scars or wrinkles, you should consider a more aggressive treatment than Photorejuvenation. Those who have small, fine wrinkles or uneven blood vessel blotches or marks will see great results. As with any anti-aging treatment, the sooner you take action against the tell-tale signs, the more success you will have and the less deep wrinkles will form in the future.

Will there be any pain?

If you decide to have your whole face treated, you may experience discomfort. It is not to the extent that you will need anesthetic injections, but some patients do like to apply cold packs or use topical anesthetic creams.

What do I need to do beforehand?

Prior to getting Photorejuvenation facial treatments, you will be given some steps to follow on caring for your skin. You should not wear any foundation or make-up and must keep your skin clean. You will be instructed to massage some Emla into your skin about half hour or so before the appointment, concentrating on the areas to be treated. You also need to stay out of the sun, as any tanning before your Photorejuvenation can increase blotchy patches.

How regularly can I have Photorejuvenation?

Often the treatment program will be around five sessions over about a month. Some people may only need three treatments over two weeks. You will also be given recommendations for looking after your skin at home and would probably benefit from a yearly light maintenance facial.

Are there any adverse effects?

When you have a Photorejuvenation facial treatment, you will look like you have just done a hard aerobics session. Your skin will appear red and flushed, but won’t be burned or scab as with laser treatments. This will usually only last for a matter of minutes and, for some, a few hours after your session. If you have stretched or sagging skin, you may be a bit puffy as well. If you have had any brown blotches worked on, you will notice them go darker and eventually fall off. In some rare cases, patients do get some blistering that also heals not long afterwards.

Photorejuvenation facial therapies are milder on the skin than laser treatments and are perfect for people who does not yet have deep wrinkles or over stretched skin. It heals a lot faster and you only require maintenance about once a year after your program is complete. You will definitely see improvements in the appearance of fine lines, veins and blotches after Photorejuvenation therapies.

Dr. Barry Lycka is the President of and one of the foremost cosmetic dermatologists in North America.
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